about me

Born in 1984 and raised in Queens, New York.

First generation Korean-American.

One older brother, Youngho, born in South Korea in 1973.

One older sister, Alice, born in Queens in 1982.

Father, Kilsung, passed away in 1990.

Mother, Oksoon, works for the family’s Korean catering business in Queens.

I speak very poor Korean and my mom speaks very little English. Mostly we make small talk. It means the world to me.

B.A. 2006 Bennington College, Vermont

I live in Bushwick, Brooklyn and I fucking love dogs.

7 responses to “about me

  1. Jessica Harlem-Siegel


  2. Jessica Harlem-Siegel

    Don’t you love how I can’t do the internet? Feel free to remove the above comment by the way.

  3. Jessica, your internet disability is just one of many many things I love about you.

  4. Joo-Young seems to think that he is a “second-generation” Korean- American… can you set him straight please?

  5. I think there is some ambiguity about these terms. First generation just made sense to me: I am Korean-American and among the first generation of my family to be born in the States. Although there seem to be people of the belief that since my parents immigrated here first, THEY are the firsters and I am second – is that Joo’s reasoning? I admit that makes a little sense, too, because if I’m first generation, then what were my parents? Not Korean-Americans? I guess there’s also a matter of what defines any sort of Blank-American, whether it’s citizenship, natural born citizenship, looking the part, or the tendency to ramble on the internet about something one doesn’t really understand. Heh.

  6. Please keep writing! I’m an American wife to a full Korean husband. I LOVE hearing about your mom and childhood because it gives me a lot of insights into my in-laws and my husband. And I don’t speak Korean (IT’S SO HARD!) so I totally get your language struggles.

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