Mom Voyage!

Yesterday my mother embarked on a 7-day cruise to the Bahamas. I visited my mom in Flushing the day before to say goodbye. My brother and his wife were also there, since she was to accompany my mom on the cruise (which was a gift from the two of them) and he was to drive them to the dock the next day.
My sister in law, Boo, had been on this cruise before, so she’d prepared a list of items for my mom to pack. It was really sweet watching my mom fill her little travel bag, since this is the kind of thing she’d never buy for herself. She even had to buy herself a bathing suit! I did not photograph her in it, because COME ON amirite ladies?!?
Boo asked my mom if she’d packed a hat as protection from the sun. My mom sighed, “[Yes, but it’s not very good.]” and put this on:
mom voyage
Apparently she’s worried that it’ll fly away because it doesn’t have straps to tie it onto her head.
The BEST article of clothing I saw her pack was a pair of black stretchpants, which she’d purchased from some old asian lady store so she could wear them in the evenings, when it’s cooler. Check out the logo on the back pocket.
daft pants
I told her what the logo meant, but she didn’t care. I made my sister in law promise to take lots of pictures on the cruise for me. Even if she doesn’t, I’m sure that any iPhone-toting hipsters that may be on the ship will see to it that my mom’s ass appears on the internet somewhere.

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