She’s Back!

This past Sunday I went to see my mom for the first time since she returned from her two week visit to Korea. I had some talking points to cover, the first few of which I brought up two posts ago:


He’s old, but otherwise doing okay.


Yes, they’ve had a toilet for a few years now.


Me: “[In Korea, did you hear Gangnam Style?]”
Mom: “[I did not go to Gangnam.]”
Me: “[No, Gangnam Style.]”
Mom: “[Ohhh that dance? Yes. How do you know about it?]”
Me: “[Everyone knows about it; it’s huge here. On the news they said that Gangnam is a very expensive city.]”
Mom: “[Yes, that’s where all the fancy stores are.]”
Me: “[Have you seen the video?]”
Mom: “[There’s a video?]”

At this point I remedy this, performing (at her request) the little pony-riding part of the dance I know.


Whenever someone you know is going on a trip, ask them to bring you something – anything. It’s a numbers game. Sometimes they’ll do it! And then you’ll have an exciting new snack or toy or other doodad to blog about. Such as:

These sock footie things!

This off-brand Mickey Mouse shirt!

Sidenote: After laughing at it for a solid minute, I accepted this shirt, asking why she bought such a childish-looking thing. She said, “[Well I know you like dogs.]” “[Mom… you know Mickey Mouse is a mouse, not a dog.]” “[What.]”

This shopping bag!

Oh, what’s that? That’s a strawberry, not a shopping bag, you say?


All things considered, not a bad haul for a non-Gangnam shopping trip.


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One response to “She’s Back!

  1. julieloukim

    We can’t stop laughing about the Mickey Mouse thing.

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