So This Happened

My boyfriend and I took in a very pregnant rottweiler last Saturday. We named her Penny.

Penny pushed out 9 healthy puppies on Monday: 6 boys and 3 girls. Please email me if you’d like to adopt one, or if you know someone else who could give one a loving home (and will submit to my rigorous screening process).

As one can imagine, I am in puppy heaven right now. For the next 6-8 weeks there will be either no posts or only rottweilerific posts. But I did want to mention that in the process of acquiring Penny, some friends and I discussed the practice of eating dogs. A certain Chinese friend announced that, abroad, she had witnessed both her parents eat not only dog but also cat meat. Which made me want to ask my mother if she has. I haven’t told her yet about these newest additions to my family, but I’m guessing that’s for two totally separate conversations. Anyone have any tips on elegant wording in Korean? So far I have, “Om-ma, Hangookehso mong-mong mogoso?” (Translation:  “Mother, in Korea did you eat woof-woofs?”)



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4 responses to “So This Happened

  1. Aigo! Lucky Penny! God bless you for taking them in. I’d be interested to hear the story of how you came by this dog, and why she was homeless on the verge of giving birth. I hope you can find good homes for all of them; I’m sure you are aware of this but there are lots of online websites for rescues; you could try or They look pure-bred, I’ll post the link on my facebook in case any of my NY friends know someone who might be interested. Looking forward to seeing more pictures as they grow up – they are precious!

    • Aigo, indeed! Thanks for offering to spread the word. As for how I came by this dog, it’s a little shady. Basically a friend of a friend of mine was approached by a strange man at a bus stop, asking if she wanted a free dog, like, at that very second. He gave some vague story about how his mom is sick and can’t take care of it. This friend of a friend couldn’t accept the dog, but I guess she was interested enough to go meet it at this strange man’s house. There she saw that the dog was both very pregnant and somewhat neglected-looking, so she decided to try to get it out of that living situation with the help of my friend. Said friend posted about it on my Facebook wall.

      What could I say? I fucking LOVE puppies but don’t have the time to train one, and I was interested in adopting a grown dog since they have a harder time of finding homes and they’re so grateful. So it’s the best of BOTH worlds! Though this whole situation is turning out to be a lot of work and worry for me – I gotta find these puppies homes! – it’s still kind of the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

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  3. Michael

    I love the way Americans cherish dogs

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