Mother’s Day Revisited

Just a quick post to show you something I did for my mom for Mother’s Day:

pheasant present

No, I did not paint this, buy this, or even get it framed. I simply drilled some holes into her bedroom wall and hung it. My mother had had this sitting on the floor, directly below where you see it now, since she moved into her current apartment (about three years ago).

Anything else on the walls of my mother’s apartment is either taped up or hanging from a nail that the previous tenants had left behind. I don’t quite understand this phobia she seems to have about drilling/nailing for the sake of interior design, but I hope I added a little touch of class to the joint. My mom seemed to appreciate it.


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  1. My housemate does the same thing! She is an artist and has lots of artist friends, and so she always brings things home and then just puts them on the floor propped up against the wall. And leaves them there – for months. It must be a Korean thing!

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