This post might seem a bit out of place, but considering I was *this* close to starting a blog in which I just review dogs (both from my life and from the internet) instead of… cultural identity, or whatever this blog is about, please just bear with me.

The Jindo is the national dog of Korea. They are wolflike, independent dogs that are fiercely loyal to their owners. Jindo types include red (orange), black, white, and gray (mixed color). In the past few decades their popularity has surged in the United States, which is somewhat of a mixed blessing. Many inexperienced Jindo owners have difficulty training these dogs so they are frequently abandoned. (If you’ve got the gumption to rescue one, search for “jindo” on Petfinder – there are a ton, especially in the LA area for some reason.)

While I was in DC I enjoyed a reunion with Dewey, a gray jindo that used to belong to my brother but now lives with my sister and her roommates. Of all the pets that have cycled through the Ahn family house growing up, Dewey was perhaps the most tolerated by my mother.

Super intuitive and strangely affectionate (she spends most of her time hidden away alone, but will occasionally come into the room and lick your hands excessively for a spell), I think Dewey is an outstanding example of her breed. Cat people would probably like her, too, since she possesses the kind of intelligence and complexity that they seem to love so much.

The suburban life, I think, has turned Dewey into a little bit of a fatty. Jindos are typically pretty lean. But her bulk (which I think is more apparent indoors than in these outdoor shots – she really comes alive outside) can also be explained by her age – 13 years!

What a good girl!


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