I’m on a bus!

Headed to Washington, DC to spend a long weekend with my sister on her turf. Her birthday was last weekend, so I come armed with presents from my brother, my mom and myself. Full Disclosure: My mom gave me two $50 bills to give my sister and told me to tell her it’s to spend on long underwear.

When Googling a Korean brand of long underwear to show you, I stumbled upon the BYC website. BYC is Korea’s first underwear company — like their Hanes, I guess. At any rate, I couldn’t find any internet pictures that showcase the dorkiness of their underwear (at least, none that weren’t on child models), so here’s the link to their site: http://www.byc.co.kr/eng/

I must add that, not surprisingly, the BYC brand has gotten a whole lot sexier since my own long underwearing days. I guess as Koreans became more exposed to Western underwear in the media, they became self-conscious about their dorky undies.


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