What’s It Gonna Be?

This is a tribute to my background; my Korean family, my American upbringing, my (technically)* Korean-American identity, the sights/sounds/tastes of this culture, and my mom. Because she rules. She may not have as much humor**, personal and home decorating style, and money as your mom (in fact, I’m certain that all of my friends’ moms have her beat in at least two of those categories) but I’d bet a million dollars that she’s logged more hours at work, lifted heavier loads, and complained less about it.

*I say technically because, while I hate the uppity political correct sound of the term Korean-American, that is what you call the product of two Koreans, born and raised in the United States. But I certainly don’t identify myself like that, not primarily anyway. Great, now I just made myself sound even more uppity and politically correct than the term itself.
**By this I mean intentional humor; my mom’s not the type to make puns or say something like, “That’s what she said.” I think.

We've both looked better. Whatever, fuck off.

For some reason, this woman likes me enough to want me to be closer to her and to our heritage, so this is mostly in honor of her.


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  1. julieloukim

    I am so excited about this blog!! Yayyy!!!

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